Why You Should Eat Lobsters

If you are looking for foods rich in vitamins and calcium among other minerals, consider eating seafood. If you live along the coasts, accessing them is quite easy and affordable therefore you should take advantage of the many nutrients it provide. Other people get lobsters at an higher price especially those in landlocked locations but the benefits outweigh the cost of buying. Let us take keen look at the health benefits of seafood.

Eating lobsters and seafood you reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications, the high concentration of omega-3 and omega-6 reduce the cholesterol in the blood vessels. You should consider having lobsters in your menu as they reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Moreover, researches have proven that marine seafood can reduce the risk of developing arthritis. Swelling and weakening of joints are some of the symptoms of arthritis and you can avoid it by taking lobsters which help joints and reduce the swelling. Not so many people know that you can prevent and reduce the risk of ovarian and colorectal cancers by high intake of plates of seafood. White meat help to combat breast cancer compared to other meats, seafood are source of white meat.

By consuming seafood like lobsters you improve the working of your nervous systems and coordination. In addition, lobsters are a rich source of choline that increases the manufacture of neurotransmitters in your body. This increases the brain function and productivity. The nutrients reduces damage to the brain cells due to age and this prevents risk of getting Alzheimer disease.
Furthermore, one of the benefits if undersea cuisines are the high protein content that is found within their delicious meat. With the high content of proteins, the intake of seafood will result in an energetic individual. The proteins from lobsters are important to the structuring of the bodies. To help your body to mend damaged tissues like muscles you should consume lobster due to their high protein content and this will lead to a better function of all organs.

Lobsters and most seafood cuisines are rich in calcium which strengthen the bones and teeth. Vitamin D found also in the cuisines build up your bones preventing bone mass loss which is important in preventing osteoporosis

Nutrients like minerals from seafood protect the macula, the part of the that provides sharp, central vision needed to see objects clearly, from damage keeping your eyes healthy. Some recent studies show that lobsters contain omega 3 PUFAs that prevent age-related hearing loss.

Having seafood in your menu in a restaurant promotes good mood and alleviates depression.

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